Ofgem has confirmed the feed-in tariff rates for solar photovoltaic technology beginning November 1. The rates are as follows:

Description FiT rate p/kWh
0-4kW 15.44
>4-10kW 13.99
>10-50kW 13.03
>50-100kW 11.50
>100-150kW 11.50
>150-250kW 11.00
>250kW-5MW 7.10
Stand-alone 7.10
Export tariff 4.50

The November rates will be the first round of FiT cuts enacted under the newly-introduced tri-monthly degression model. Announching the scheme Greg Barker, the Energy and Climate Change Minister, said: “I want to send a very clear message today. UK solar continues to be an attractive proposition for many consumers considering microgeneration technologies and that having placed the subsidy support for this technology on a long-term, sustainable footing; industry can plan for growth with confidence.”
To secure the higher FiT rate of 16p/kWh, speak to our solar consultants today.
To read more about, visit our feed-in tariff page.