Local families in Rochdale are receiving help to make their homes more energy-efficient.

The Kashmir Youth Project recently welcomed members of the local community to an Energy and Benefits Awareness event, which was held in partnership with the Riverside Housing Association.

Over the past year the Kashmir Youth Project has been running the Fuel Poverty Project with help from funding from the ScottishPower Energy People Trust. It received £50,000 from the trust to go towards helping almost 5,000 people in Rochdale.

The project offers up key information on how people can make their homes more energy-efficient, offering them information on advice on the benefits and support they might be entitled to. This could see more people install measures such as insulation and solar panels, which can help to drive down their energy bills – a key priority in the current difficult economic climate.

As the staff on the project are close to families in the local community, they have been able to reach out to people who may have otherwise slipped through the net.

They have also been training up local community ‘Energy Champions’ who can promote the benefits of energy-efficient homes to their neighbours and help them to be more aware of their impact on the environment.

At the events, a number of these Champions had the chance to explain how they have been able to help others when it comes to energy efficiency, as well as how taking minor steps can have an impact on energy bills and the warmth of their homes.

Naila Ilyas, Fuel Poverty Project coordinator, commented: “The long-term effects of this project are become clearer every day – with more people now able to understand what services are available to them, which makes a huge difference to the warmth of their house and their bills.

“We are proud that we can empower people to help their neighbours and those in need to make a positive impact in Rochdale.”