After our CEO, Dr. Kevin Hard was recently named as Insider’s overall Entrepreneur of the year at the recent 42 under 42 event, he has now been featured in an Insider article, detailing EvoEnergy’s successes.
Having launched in 2007, EvoEnergy has grown significantly within the last few years, going from having six employees to now having six offices. The company now employs 183 people across our offices in the UK. We took on 38 new staff members in the last month and are opening a seventh office within the next few months. Having offices across the UK allows us to deliver a local approach to our customers, while maintain the reliability and resources of a national company.
Despite the recession, we have grown very fast in the last few years. The government’s introduction of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme has meant that our customers have a great financial incentive to invest in solar PV in their homes. The FIT scheme means that as well as being an environmentally beneficial choice, solar PV panels will also be a financially sound choice, as homeowners can get a great return on their initial investment.
They also benefit by being able to ‘future-proof’ their energy bills as they will be using electricity that they generate at their homes, reducing the amount that they need to buy from their energy providers.
Dr. Kevin Hard, with regards to the FIT, notes that “We need government objectives to stay strong, and as long as they do, we can keep expanding. So far, it’s been an exciting rise.”
For EvoEnergy, we know that solar is a strong, sustainable and profitable choice for our customers. We pride ourselves on helping our customers to make the best, informed choices about their solar PV systems.
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