EvoEnergy is making sure its car fleet is as green as its solar panels by buying new low emission cars for its team.
The company has invested in twelve Auris hybrids from the Toyota plant at Burnaston in Derbyshire.
The new hatchback car combines petrol and electric power. With low CO2 emissions, it is exempt from road tax. Consumption is also low, with the car returning figures of more than 70 miles to the gallon. The cars will be used by project managers and sales staff making site visits.
EvoEnergy’s  CEO, Kevin Hard, said;  “Our aim is to help everyone to benefit from green solar energy and, in line with that, we are trying to limit our environmental impact across our business, especially when we go out on the road.
“We decided that the Auris Hybrid would provide us with the best mix of size, comfort and efficiency.”
The decision also supports local manufacturing. The EvoEnergy head office is at Attenborough in Nottinghamshire, and the Burnaston plant is less than 18 miles away. The Auris is the first Toyota hybrid to be made in Europe.
Five of the initial batch of signwritten cars are based at EvoEnergy’s head office, with the others in Bristol and Halifax. The company also has regional offices in Cornwall and London. The vehicles are expected to average 30,000 miles a year.