The winners of the EvoEnergy 2011 photo competition are announced.
The competition, launched in August 2011, aimed to encourage EvoEnergy customers to send in photographs of their solar PV systems.
Over 250 photos were entered into the competition and although EvoEnergy can only crown three of its customers as winners many of the photographs will feature on the EvoEnergy website.
EvoEnergy are pleased to announce that Mr Button  of East Riding, Mr Carroll of Derbyshire and Mr Jenkins of Brecknockshire are the winners of the 2011 photo competition. The competition was judged by professional photographer Paul Gilroy and the EvoEnergy marketing team.
Winning photos:
Professional photographer Paul Gilroy, details a few comments about the winning photographs:

1st Place – Mr Button

“Great shot,  I love the out-stretched arms pulling you into the picture and the look on his face. Well exposed and composed, shows the panels very well.”


2nd Place – Mr Carroll

“A lot of thought has gone into this shot, from the word Electric on the license plate to the lack of reflections in the car.The young lad looks great in his school uniform and well positioned next to the car with the power lead drawing your eye into the picture.”


3rd Place – Mr Jenkins

“A beautiful photograph, taken very early in the morning when the light is especially good. Shows an alternative installation. Well composed and exposed.”

Speaking on behalf of EvoEnergy, Tom Craig – EvoEnergy Group Marketing Manager said  “We are delighted with the response from our customers. It’s great to see so many people proud of their installations. The success means we will be running more competitions and engaging with our customers in the near future.”
EvoEnergy would like to thank all customers for their continued support and to inform all customers to look out for our EvoEnergy newsletter, which will be re-launched early next year.
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