EvoEnergy have added another product to our solar panel range and now offer CentroSolar PV panels.
We believe that the panels make an excellent addition to our current range. By stocking the CentroSolar 220W S-Class Excellent series panel, we will be able to offer our customers even more choice.
CentroSolar are a German company who believe in quality and produce their own solar modules at their state-of-the-art productions sites. We have chosen to work with CentroSolar to offer their high-quality, high-performance, aesthetically pleasing products to our customers.
The S-Class Excellent series CentroSolar panels are made of black monocrystalline silicon solar cells. The panels, frames and mounting systems are black which many consider to be more aesthetically pleasing than the dark blue silicon panels. Black panels and mounting systems can fit in very well with certain roof styles for a low-impact appearance and are perfect for installations where the aesthetic of the panels is of a high importance. For installations on slate and other dark roofs, an all-black panel array can provide an attractive compromise between design, functionality and performance.
CentroSolar S-Class Excellent series panels also feature an award-winning anti-reflective glass which has been proven to improve panel performance in low light conditions. This increases the yield of the panels by 6% and could mean that the panels provide more power for your investment.
The solar panels also have a low temperature co-efficient, which means that the panels can perform better than other brands under hot conditions. They also have salt spray certification, making them a certified for coastal regions and a strong choice for installations near the sea.
CentroSolar panels are made entirely in Germany. The company is proud that the modules are manufactured in their entirety in Germany which reduces the carbon footprint associated with the panels.
The CentroSolar 220W S-Class Excellent panels have the longest performance guarantee of any of the panels that we stock, with a 26 year performance warranty. The product warranty is ten years. The high power-density, compact 54 cell module design helps to maximise the photovoltaic potential of roof space. At 18kg per panel, the weight of the CentroSolar S-Class panels lies within the middle of our panel range. With module efficiencies of 14.8%, the CentroSolar panels are more efficient than the comparable Sharp 220W ND Series.
EvoEnergy Solar Consultants will be able to help you with your decision to go solar and explain your panel options to you. We offer a range of solar panels ranging from the highest performing to the best value PV panels and will be able to design a solar panel array to your budget, needs and specifications. Click here to arrange a consultation.