Nottingham Council unveils huge solar project
Key facts

  • Up to 8,000 solar panels installed on council buildings across the city
  • School children at Radford Primary School amongst first to benefit
  • Largest scheme of its kind in country cuts city’s carbon emissions and protects local jobs

Nottingham City Council has signed a ground-breaking deal with one of the country’s largest solar power companies to install up to eight thousand solar panels on council buildings for free.
The project, worth up to three million pounds, is being carried out by Nottingham firm, EvoEnergy.
The ground-breaking scheme will cut the council’s carbon footprint, reduce its electricity bills and help to protect jobs in the city.
The programme is thought to be the largest of its kind in the country.
It will see solar panels fitted to 50 of the council’s properties, including schools and council buildings. With up to two megawatts of generating capacity installed in total.
The panels will be fitted by EvoEnergy free of charge and the council will pay a reduced rate for any solar power produced.
The first systems have already been fitted and the project is expected to be completed by the end of October.
Councillor Alan Clark, portfolio holder for Energy and Sustainability said; “This just shows our commitment to making Nottingham a greener city.
“It’s part of a whole host of renewable energy measures we are introducing across the city.
“It means we have a greener Nottingham and by buying the solar electricity at a reduced price we are protecting ourselves against increases in electricity charges in the future.”
Dr Kevin Hard, Chief Executive Officer of EvoEnergy, said; “I would like to congratulate the council on its commitment to renewable energy and its vision in pioneering this scheme.
“The programme means everybody wins. The council gets guaranteed electricity below the market price and it cuts its carbon emissions.
“Working with the council, we have recruited people locally to carry out the project and so it is also contributing to Nottingham’s economy.”
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