The managing director of EvoEnergy was chosen as an example of new companies thriving in adverse times through finding a niche.  The niche in EvoEnergy’s case is the design and installation of specialist solar photovoltaic solutions.
Hard’s Time: a specialist going strong
By Thomas Lane

One man definitely not looking to reinvent himself is Kevin Hard – his four-man specialist contracting outfit is still managing to double turnover every six months.
By rights, Kevin Hard should be joining all the other small businessmen desperately shoring up their livelihoods from the economic storm. Not only is his Nottingham-based business part of the beleaguered construction sector, it is also only 20 months old. So when Gordon Brown recently announced a £20bn initiative underwriting small business loans, it would have been reasonable to expect Hard to have been at the front of the queue to the prime minister’s door.
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