After being named “Installer of the Year” by the Renewable Energy Association earlier this month, EvoEnergy are delighted to have been named in the independent MoneySavingExpert Solar Panel Guide.
The guide, published yesterday, provides a detailed overview of the benefits and limitations of Solar PV panels for domestic use. It suggests that Solar Power is not only a way of reducing your carbon footprint, but a viable way to make real savings to household energy bills.
EvoEnergy features in the Guide because of our strong commitment to service and value for our customers as well as our excellent reputation within our field. We recently reviewed favourably in the Which? Magazine’s Solar undercover investigation. EvoEnergy were found to be honestly representing the time that it would take for a Solar PV system to pay for itself. Our dedication to customer service was also demonstrated by our adherence to the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) customer codes. Customers are never subjected to pressure selling tactics and are encouraged to make informed decisions in their own time.
The MoneySavingExpert Guide explains why buying Solar PV can be beneficial to property owners. It also details the growing Free Solar market, explaining how panels can be installed for free by certified providers. They will keep the money that would be paid from the Feed-In Tariff, which will cover the costs of installing and maintaining the panels. Home-owners will still benefit with significantly reduced energy bills, with none of the initial outlay on the cost of the panels themselves or installation.
EvoEnergy offers a Free Solar scheme which can allow eligible homeowners to install Solar PV panels on their roof free of charge. We will provide, install and maintain the PV system, using the income from the Feed-In Tariff scheme to cover our costs. An average household that joins the EvoEnergy Free Solar Scheme can reduce their energy bills by up to £180 per year without any initial investment. The EvoEnergy Free Solar Scheme is a very favourable option for the future. It allows for greatly reduced energy bills with no charges to our customers as well as the opportunity to lessen the impact of their carbon footprints.