EvoEnergy have been featured in a recent article in the Financial Times. The article details the benefits of installing a solar power system and the investment potential of solar power.
It has been widely reported that several UK energy providers have recently increased their costs to customers. E.ON has now become the fourth major UK energy provider to raise its electricity and gas prices. As a result, its customers will pay an average of £232 extra each year on their bills. The Financial Times also suggests that other energy providers will impose their own price rises shortly.
In contrast to this, estimations from the Energy Saving Trust suggest that the average household can actually reduce bills by £70 each year by installing solar panels. These savings will further increase over time as energy companies continue to increase their charges. By producing your own electricity from solar panels, you need to buy much less from your energy provider which lowers your bills.
The article in the Financial Times explains the benefits of emerging Free Solar schemes and recommends EvoEnergy due to our status as REA Installer of the Year 2011. By installing a free panel array on your roof, the Free Solar offer from EvoEnergy allows you to benefit immediately from free electricity and lower bills with none of the initial costs.
EvoEnergy customers are already benefiting from the free, green electricity that their panels produce. As well as lowering their energy bills, customers will also reduce their carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.
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