We recently attended an event at Bertram Street Camden, to celebrate retrofitting methods of Victorian Housing. The event was hosted by United House, a sustainable housing award winning social housing contractor. The event brought together all the partners who had helped to reduce the carbon emissions of the family home by 70%.
The technologies that contribute to the carbon reduction include solid wall insulation, 8m2 of solar thermal, and 5 high performance Sanyo 215 photovoltaic panels. Both systems were designed and installed by the our team. We chose to use the Sanyo panels due to their high efficiency, making them ideal for installations where space is at a premium.
The PV panels will generate 841 kWh per year and save 478 kg of carbon dioxide per year, while the thermal system which is backed up by an energy efficient boiler will meet the homes hot water needs. To find out how we can help you reduce your carbon emissions, contact our experienced solar experts today.