EvoEnergy have recently completed a major LED lighting project with Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd in Hampshire after the success of the 250 kWp solar PV system – installed by Evo in 2014 – gave the client renewed incentive to look into other technologies that could offer further energy efficiencies.
The large manufacturing company, providing fire detection solutions Worldwide, analyzed energy usage onsite and swiftly concluded that lighting was their biggest electricity consumer of electricty. Consequently, the client turned to EvoEnergy’s expertise once again to help them implement an LED lighting solution where the efficiencies over the previous lighting will save the company nearly £50,000 per year and pay for itself in less than 3 years.
The project took 6 weeks in total to install with the EvoEnergy team working evenings and weekends to minimise disruption to the client’s staff and operations
Simon Astle, Site Facilities Manager for Apollo, commented;
“I was expecting a lot of resistance within the company [Apollo] to the lighting changeover as lighting is one of the usual causes of complaint. This has been very positively received with production getting a better working light for intricate work and the offices having a better light for DSE with no glare. For us it is a win/win and looking forward to seeing the reduction in running costs for the business and a continued close working relationship with Evo.”
The LED lighting system proposed changes to 1,460 fittings in total across the company office, warehouse, car parking facilities and connecting streets, reducing the lighting consumption by 462, 690 kWh every year and reducing their carbon footprint by a further 87 tonnes annually.
Visit the full case study here to see more details and photographs of both the solar PV and LED lighting installations for Apollo Fire Detectors.