Following last month’s deadline, the response to the Government’s mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) has seen only 60% of UK businesses (that qualify) register as compliant, leaving over 3,000 businesses facing a potential non-compliance fine of £5000 plus £500 per day for each day they remain non-compliant. Tougher fines of £50,000 may also be enforced if the business fails to submit an adequate energy audit.
Just as concerning, from the 6000+ businesses that did register before the deadline, 10% of these submitted their notification of compliance within two days of the 29th January deadline, which had even been granted an extension from the original 5th December date.
Those companies that are proactively using ESOS as an opportunity to drive competitive advantage into their operations through reduced costs, greener operations and energy security will ultimately be the ones that come out the other side in a stronger position.
EvoEnergy recommends that all large companies should at least investigate the cost saving and environmental benefits of a solar panel installation as part of their energy audit assessment which tasks the company to report back potential energy efficiency measures.
For more information on your ESOS obligations, visit the Government ESOS page.