Energy Prices Up – Sunlight Still Free!

Commercial energy prices have gone up 7% for the year to June 2018 according to Government. Many of our customers are seeing price increases of up to 15% as they come off long term supply contracts. At these figures these increases are material, particularly when it is so difficult to push through price increases to customers.
There is therefore a real business need to control these prices and drive through changes in behaviour that will reduce energy consumption with our organisations. Business owners are very lucky that there are options to reduce and control these costs and at the same time avail themselves of a range of benefits:

  • Reduce Carbon Footprints – The Country has a statutory duty to reduce its carbon footprint and businesses are not exempt. Government must encourage businesses to do their bit and this is likely to be with a stick, rather than a carrot!
  • Maximise your site returns – Your roof is not an area of your business that you may have thought about being able to give a financial return. Whilst you are sweating the returns of your other assets why ignore the static one over your head?
  • Promote resilience in your energy sources so that you are not entirely dependent upon an electricity supply that is dependent upon foreign imports of oil and gas and a network that requires huge investment, which presumably those who continue to purchase energy must contribute towards. In 2016, 60% of our energy was imported according to Good Energy.
  • Demonstrate your values of supporting your environment and win more customers who are increasingly differentiating their supply chain on sustainability issues.This is not surprising when you see the pressure from the general public to force a sustainable approach from their suppliers, which will trickle through to all suppliers.  This has been reinforced with a Guardian survey.
  • Show your employees that you care about them and their environment and that you plan to be around for the long term. (This is such a good idea that external funders will generally pay to install solar PV on your roof.)  There is plenty of research that shows this, including this piece from Sustainable Brands.

EvoEnergy has been supporting businesses who wish to control their costs and make their contribution to society for over ten years. We strive to be the best; technically, commercially and professionally. Why not give us a call and join our network of smart businesses who want to make sure that they will operating in a cleaner and safer world that they have helped create.