If modules have to be mounted ‘upright’ (i.e. portrait orientation) over a wall, a Drop-in Solar Wall System (DSWS) can be used.  Complete DSWS systems comprise of the solar array of modules fitted with special slim frames, complete Drop-In mounting structures, a suitable inverter (or inverters) and all the main electrical installation components, such as DC connection boxes, array cables, etc. The underlying wooden or aluminium supports for the Drop-In Profiles may be supplied if needed.
To fit this mounting system, modules with special slim frames have to be supplied. Slim frame modules are 11mm larger in both dimensions than a standard frame module (16mm more than a laminate). Their frame thickness is 10mm, whereas the standard module frames are 34mm thick.
The modules ‘drop in’ to horizontal H-profiles, and can be quite easily removed for service. The H-profiles are mounted on vertical supports of wood or aluminium. Edge trims are supplied for a neat finish.