EvoEnergy’s outstanding success story has been recognised in a prestigious business award.
Our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Kevin Hard, has just been named as the Entrepreneur of the Year by the business news magazine, The Insider.  Kevin was voted “best in class” amongst this year’s crop of young Midlands entrepreneurs.
Insider editor, Andy Coyne, said Kevin was a runaway winner after impressing the judging panel with EvoEnergy’s growth and ambitions. In just four years the company has become a nationwide operation with 160 staff and offices across the country.
Andy Coyne said; “I think what the judges were particularly impressed with is how quickly the business is growing and how quickly it continues to grow.  “Ok, you can say with renewable energy that it’s the right time and the right place, but there are lots of businesses in that sector that aren’t growing at the same rate. “And at the same time you have to manage that growth in terms of employment, HR and just keeping everything rolling, it’s a very impressive achievement.”
The Insider is read by around 50,000 people in the Midlands business world. The judging panel consisted of Andy Coyne and business leaders from companies including Coutts and Deloitte. “This has been the best year for some time,” said Andy. “We had some very impressive people in the competition, but Kevin still stood head and shoulders above them.”
A delighted Kevin said; “It’s fantastic to win this award. It’s a reflection of the all the hard work and passion that everyone at EvoEnergy has for the company and what we are doing.”