An installation of 250W panels on the roof of a department store in Suffolk has seen the occupying company Barretts of Woodbridge reach an energy generation landmark.

Since the installation of the photovoltaics in July 2012, the scheme has generated 1,000 kWh worth of electricity.

The panels were installed upon the building in order to reduce yearly running costs of the shopping location, with intentions to also cut-down carbon emissions to help the environment.

Energy display boards, provided by local firm East Green Energy, showed the milestone moment as it happened. The boards are installed in Barretts showroom, with figures such as the total amount of instantaneous electricity generated and total CO2 emissions saved to date also available for the public to view. Thus far, the panels have cut carbon emissions by half a tonne.

The news came as a huge delight to Jill Barrett, of Baretts, who said that she was looking forward for the sun to re-appear in order to generate more energy. She also said that becoming a greener business was extremely important to the business.

Ms Barrett said the display board has already caused a number of customers to comment, saying positive things about the company’s solar initiative.

“Our customers are always amazed about the solar panels, as you can’t see them at all from the ground and it helps bring home the need to ‘go green’,” she added.

Making a business energy-efficient is extremely important, especially as the government is stepping up decarbonisation targets and with energy bills on a seemingly continuous rise.

With the economy still in such a difficult situation, increasing profits is vital to the future of a business. Installing solar panels could be a particularly useful way of achieving lower costs in the long term, as solar panels can repay original outlay in a short period of time and provide profit through the government’s feed in tariff.