With the feed in tariff already in full swing, and the Green Deal recently enforced, prime minister David Cameron has further pushed his national green policy, by suggesting the UK can lead the way when it comes to renewable power generation.

It is a new announcement which should push the UK closer to the government’s ambitious carbon reduction targets.

Speaking at the launch of a new energy efficiency strategy for the Department of Energy Efficiency (DECC), Mr Cameron said:

“My argument today is not just about doing what is right for our planet, but doing what is right for our economy too. We are in a global race and the countries that succeed in that race will be those that are the greenest and the most energy efficient.”

The prime minister said that far from worrying about not having enough money to conduct changes, more concern should be given to not making carbon reducing adaptations. He added that a total of $4 trillion (£2.5 trillion) is available before 2015, if growth occurs in the global low carbon sector. The UK could be the first in line for these rewards.

Mr Cameron said: “Far from being a drag on growth, making our energy sources more sustainable, our energy consumption more efficient, and our economy more resilient to energy price shocks – those things are a vital part of the growth and wealth that we need.”

This speech sees Mr Cameron focusing on a more nationally focused plan for generation of power, whereas recent proposals encourage change on a lower domestic or business scale.

Homeowners and small businesses can benefit themselves from carbon reducing technology as soon as possible, by accessing the Green Deal or other government funded initiatives.

Solar panels, high quality insulation and double glazing are all options for installation under the Green Deal, with homeowners not facing charges upfront and paying the loans back through energy savings. 

By 2020, the DECC hopes that up to 196TWh of energy can be saved in the UK under the Green Deal, in addition to stimulating interest on both a residential and business scale.