Is your business ready for the largest international conference that the UK has ever seen?  Will you be able to justify your actions towards the climate in the face of massive press, customer and staff demands, or will you be joining in and showcasing your contribution?

Next year the UK will have left European Union properly and will be casting around for its place in the world.  The first big opportunity comes with the largest international conference that the UK will have even hosted (Covid-19 permitting).  This is COP 26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference that takes place in Glasgow from the 1st November 2021.  We can all anticipate the publicity, the enthusiasm and the sheer noise that such a conference will generate, particularly from politicians looking to demonstrate the UK’s place in the new world order.

What business owners also need to appreciate is the emphasis that will be placed on all of us, as individuals and as employees to demonstrate our own commitments to sharing this planet and reducing our carbon footprints.  Are you ready to answer the questions “What have you done to help save your planet?  What has been your contribution?”

With only thirteen months left to go it is not too late to procure, design and install your company’s own roof top solar panel system, to set up a ten year carbon reduction strategy, to get close to net zero by 2030 or to install solar car ports or large scale battery technology.  But it is only thirteen months and the industry is expecting to be busy in the run up to the conference.

If you are worried about your energy bills, if you think that negative publicity around your commitment to your local environment or if you think that your customers may want to work with a supply chain that is in line with public opinion on carbon then we suggest that you give us a call to see what can be done to support you and your business.  Please do this soon as time is running out.