A renewable energy company has moved to a new unit which is in-keeping with its carbon efficient aims.

Cornwall-based solar installer Celtic Renewable Energy has relocated to a property which is totally off the power grid and uses energy efficient methods to provide electricity and heating.

Methods of sustainable power include an array of solar panels to generate electricity, and a Genersys 1000-10 solar thermal panel with a biomass boiler to provide hot water.

A bank of batteries will also provide storage for all energy generated. Occasionally a generator will need to be used in order to top up the batteries. This will be coordinated by a Sunny Island combined inverter and charge controller.

In order to further the company's environmentally friendly aspirations, nesting boxes will be on site for owls and swallows that can be found around the property.

Director of the company John Turner said: “The opening of our new facility is the culmination of years of hard work and the fulfillment of a long held ambition. The formidable task we set ourselves was to be practically free from fossil fuels and to generate our energy sustainably on site."

Mr Turner and his wife Vivien, also director of Celtic Renewable Energy, said there was no financial motivation for the project, as the company received no grants to achieve its aims. However, it is looking to receive money from the government's feedin tariff, which is hoped to contribute to the overall running costs of the business.

“I am proud of the team here at Celtic – we remain a family firm and always bring the same passion, expertise and integrity we have shown in developing our new premises to solving our customers’ energy challenges every day," Mr Turner added.

With no existing template to base the project upon, the company used its years of knowledge and expertise to complete the project.