There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world in previously unimaginable ways. It’s had a devastating effect on the global economy and might have changed the way we live our lives well into the future.

Despite this, we have a deeper problem that we can’t just brush aside – climate change.

Today is earth day, which aims to raise awareness on the negative impact our actions collectively have on our planet as a whole. In celebration of this, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has reminded us that ‘the world mustn’t forget about the deeper emergency’.

He goes onto explain that this virus is our wake-up call ‘to do things right for the future’, following reports which have shown that emissions are falling due to the halting of business processes. However, this won’t last for long once the economy starts rolling again.

It’s clear that ‘climate disruption is approaching the point of no return.’ – said Mr Guterres. He highlighted the need for infrastructural change and investment in future technologies, as it’s the only way to set us on a path to net zero emissions globally by 2050.

The pandemic has provided us with an opportunity to change the way we operate as businesses. The reports provide concrete evidence that our actions have a direct and immediate impact on the environment, therefore, if we can generate our energy from renewable sources then we can prevent us causing irreversible damage to our world.

At this moment, it’s down to us to make the change towards sustainability in order create a greener future. Now is a good time to assess your net zero aspirations and talk to us about how we can help achieve them. Our team of renewable energy experts are available to provide consultancy and quotations alongside installation operations and maintenance support to asset owners.

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