In the opinion of all the experts and market observers, Italy will rank among the most important growth markets over the next few years. According to the latest estimates by banking analysts, a total market for PV equipment of more than 1 Gigawatt peak is possible by 2010. Given an installed output in 2006 of approx. 6 MWp, this would constitute explosive growth, which would be comparable with the expansion in the German market in recent years. The basis for this growth is – in addition to the Italian sunshine – provided by the statutory regulations for feeding solar power into the national grid (Conto Energia). The fact that the Italian government is adopting clear regulations to reduce bureaucracy and the cap set on subsidies for upgrading may be raised, if necessary, will also provide the precondition for market growth that is as rapid as it is stable. There will then be nothing to prevent the positive development of the Italian photovoltaic market. That would result in a substantial contribution to a sustainable energy supply and the creation of jobs in the Italian photovoltaic industry.