Please note that the Feed-in-Tariff scheme ended in April 2019. Discover today how your business can gain a free, fully maintained solar PV system through our Power Purchase Agreement.

On the 1st July 2015, the DECC will reduce the feed-in tariff rates by 3.5% for new solar PV installations that are 0-10 kWp in size in addition to systems over 50 kWp.
The reductions come as part of the quarterly review of the rates with reductions independently triggered by installation activity in each band for the previous quarters, with rates also falling if there has been no previous movement in the last 3 quarters.
As always, the changes in rates will not affect those that already have solar PV systems; only those that have new systems commissioned and registered after 1st July.
Below are the new rates to come into effect from 1st July. Visit our feed-in tariff page to see the current rates at any time throughout the year.

Tariff BandCurrent1st July
0-4 kWp13.39p12.92p
>4-10 kWp12.13p11.71p
>10-50 kWp11.71p11.71p
>50-150 kWp9.98p9.63p
>150-250 kWp9.54p9.21p
>250 kWp6.16p5.94p
Export Tariff4.85p4.85p