A labelling scheme designed to help shoppers identify firms committed to environmentally-friendly policies is set to be launched.Walkers crisps will be among products with a carbon label, showing their carbon footprint and committing the firm to cut that figure. Carbon footprint is a measure of carbon dioxide emitted during the production and life of an item. The scheme, run by the Carbon Trust, will run on a trial basis for a year. ‘Credible benchmark’ Its backers hope that the label will eventually serve as a universal indicator of the amount of carbon emitted in the manufacture, packaging and transport of a product.
The label will appear first on packets of Walkers cheese and onion crisps next month, showing that each packet accounted for 75 grams of carbon. Two new ranges of Boots shampoo – Botanics and Ingredients – will also sport the mark while drinks firm Innocent will be using the label on its website for all its smoothie recipes. The Carbon Trust, an independent body whose aim is to help companies reduce their carbon emissions, said companies would have to commit to reducing their carbon footprint over a two-year period or risk having the label withdrawn. “We believe this label, with its built-in commitment to reduce the product’s carbon footprint, will act as a powerful bridge connecting carbon-conscious companies and their customers,” said Tom Delay, the Trust’s chief executive. “Establishing one standard, credible way of measuring a product’s carbon content will empower consumers to make informed decisions as well as driving business to invest in lowering the carbon content of their products.”