Today, it was officially announced that Greg Barker has resigned as Energy Minister and will also stand down as an MP in next year’s general election. The announcement came as a shock to David Cameron who has recently completed a reshuffle of his cabinet, however, Barker’s resignation was met with gratitude for his services by Cameron.
Greg Barker showed great support for the solar industry in particular, however, last week’s High Court ruling costing the Government £132m for the way he handled the Feed-in-Tariff reductions was perhaps the icing on the cake following previous criticism for the Green Deal failure and scrutiny from other Ministers regards some of his policies.
Despite some of the controversial decisions he has made during his time, Barker was very ambitious to see solar PV generate 20GWh by 2020; a target that some claim is unrealistic. Nevertheless, following his resignation announcement, Barker has received an abundance of support from people all over the UK for his efforts.