This is very popular choice of solar panel.
Unisolar have developed a range of thin film, triple junction, photovoltaicmodules which are up to 25% more efficient even in cloudy weather. Which means an efficient panel at a cost effective price.
These modules are not only low light sensitive they are also shadow tolerant, with a large number of integrated bypass diodes enabling it to operate even when partially shadowed. The performance of conventional modules comes down to zero even if one cell is shaded.
The wide band junction, absorbes higher energy photons at the red end of the spectrum, sunlight bright enough to cast a shadow. Narrower bands form junctions designed to absorb a portion of the lower light frequencies nearer the green and blue end of the spectrum which is prevelant in cloudy weather.
Power Rating 64W (3.9 A @ 16.5V)
Open circuit voltage 23.8V
Short circuit current 4.8A
Warranty On Power Output 20 yr.
. Battery Charging
. Off-Grid Solar Home Systems
. Water Pumping Or Desalination Systems
. Telecommunications
. Gate Opening Or Fence Charging
. Bus Or Animal Shelters
. Power Ratings From 5W – 64W
. Clear Anodized Aluminum Frame
. Assemble To Meet Virtually Any Load
. Virtually Unbreakable (No Glass)
. Shadow & High Heat Tolerant
. Delivers Up To 20% More Real Energy
Quality assurance & proven reliability
Uni-Solar modules comply with the following qualification
. UL Listed Up To 600 VDC
. Safety Class II Up To 520 VDC (US-32 & US-64)
. Meets IEC 61646 Requirements
. Thermal Cycling
. Humidity-Freeze Test
. Damp Heat Test
. UV-Test
. Wet Insulation Test
. Mechanical Load Test
. Hail Impact Test
. Robustness of Terminations Test
Unit Dimensions (mm) 1366 x 741
Height (mm) 1366, Width (mm) 741, Weight (kg) 9.2
Available for £320.00 (inc. VAT)