High efficiency polycrystalline cell for “all weather” charging. Perfect for TV operation, 240V appliances and for permanent fitting Water resistant, robust construction for outdoor use 20 year cell warranty and 10 year module warranty.
The 150W panel provides much higher power demands and includes bypass diodes to minimise the effect of shadows. It delivers maximum power in the smallest module size saving weight and space. It is supplied with all the necessary cable (5m), connectors and detailed installation instructions.
Technical Specifications
Power: 150 watts
Peak Output: 9.72A @ 17.2V
Approximate watt-hours per day*: 1050
Approximate amp-hours per day*: 68.04
Dimensions: 1580 x 793 x 50mm
Weight: 13.5kg
* Based on 7 hours of average daily peak sunlight hours
Module Profile: The module is designed in accordance with IEC61215:1993 standards, manufactured with proven materials and tested to ensure electrical performance and service life.
SiN film deposited on the front surface by PECVD acts as anti reflection coating and gives a uniform dark blue appearance. Cells are laminated between high transmissivity low- iron 3mm tempered glass and sheet of TPT material by two sheets of EVA to prevent moisture penetrating into the module.
Heavy duty anodized aluminium frame provides high wind resistance and convenient mounting access. Multi-Contact waterproof versatile junction box and terminals allows for quick and simple connection. The supplied cable, designed for photo voltaic uses, guarantees that each module has excellent power transmission throughout the year.