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University of Nottingham

The multi-award winning veterinary school at the University of Nottingham is one of the UK most prestigious educational facilities in the country.


solar panels on a university building

K e y   S t a t s

CO2 saved per year


System size


Panels installed

580 Renesola 240W

Annual output


Inverter model

AB 27.6

The Challenge

The University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, located in Sutton Bonington, is the UK’s top veterinary research facility. The school is well known for delivering a range of innovative courses, and is renowned for their world-class research.
Just as important to them is their ability to meet their environmental and sustainable goals. Therefore, when they needed to reduce their carbon footprint and invest in an extra income stream, we were asked to help them achieve both. The buildings orientation made it ideal for the installation of solar panels, but installing this without disrupting their schedules provided us with a challenge.


To win the contract, we beat off competition from other firms and were awarded the job of installing the 145 kWp system on to a standing seam, calcite roof. This came after we had previously completed a number of successful arrays for the university.

The 580 Renesola 240W panels were fitted in less than two-weeks by a specially trained six-man team. Although this project was reasonably straightforward from an installation point of view, the job presented a series of challenges along the way for the team, who completed their work with minimal disruption to the campus’ day-to-day running. With five Power One Aurora Trio 27.6 inverters now plugged in on site, the faculty which is ranked second in the country for teaching, is now also one of the most energy efficient in that sector.


This project is just the latest renewable project to be completed by the University of Nottingham, which now generates half a million kWh of clean energy each year, helping the campus to showcase their commitment towards environmental sustainability.

Now completed, the panels should deliver an annual return on investment of 15 per cent, meaning that the panels should pay for themselves in less than six years. Over the years, this project will save the educational facility a lot of money on their energy expenditure bill. Meaning that they can use these newly available funds to reinvest into their facilities and procedures to provide more opportunities for their students. The new 145kWp system can also provide an opportunity for the students at the college to learn about renewable energy and how it can reduce their impact on the environment, providing an extra benefit for the wider community, now and into the future.

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