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Hilsea Industrial Estate

Portsmouth City Council (PCC) plans on becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Amongst many other measures, solar PV and battery energy storage was identified as some of the key renewable technologies to deliver the power needed. The resulting innovative project went on to receive a nationally recognised award from the council.


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PCC created a £5 million solar PV framework to fuel their ambitions of decarbonising their operations and thereby become carbon neutral by 2030. To bring this vision to fruition, PCC appointed us to design, develop and install a renewable energy system for their industrial estate in Hilsea.

The solar and battery capacities were modeled and specified in order to match the high electricity consumption of the site; comprising 23 light industrial units, a café, and associated communal space.


To meet this demand, our team designed and installed a 738 paneled 250kWp solar PV system in addition to their pre-existing 50kWp system. Supporting this system is a Smart Grid & 10 Tesla PowerWall 2 battery array (50kW/135kWh battery) – also installed by our team.

Combined, the solar PV and storage will reduce the site’s reliance on grid-bought electricity by almost 50%; despite there being many energy hungry processes at the industrial estate.

The ten-unit battery system is the largest operational Tesla Powerwall 2 system installation in the UK at the time of installation appearing on industry news outlets around the world. The system can store 135kWh of electricity at any one time; enough to power an average domestic home for 2 weeks.

As well as capturing more of the solar energy generated on the site, the batteries are also able to take advantage of storing energy at night, when electricity is cheaper. Stored energy is then used during mornings and early evenings when electricity costs are more expensive.


In total, the site now has more than 900 solar panels across all 5 south, east and west-facing roofs on the site completing the biggest single solar and battery installation for PCC at the time of writing.

The system will reduce carbon emissions by 69 tonnes a year and reduce the running costs of the site significantly. During the summer months, over90% of the energy required to run the site will be coming from either the panels or batteries.

As a result of this innovative project, Portsmouth City Council received national recognition by iESE for its work helping the environment and improving sustainability with a Green Public Service Award. PCC were judged alongside 15 other entrants, with the council coming out on top and claiming the ‘Gold’ award in the category

“It’s fantastic to see Portsmouth City Council leading the way when it comes to innovative projects like the one at Hilsea Industrial Estate. Not only are we producing and using our own renewable energy but projects like this dramatically reduce the Council’s ongoing energy costs. The Council has been clear in setting out its plans in tackling climate emergency and it’s fantastic to see projects like acting out these plans.”

Dave Ashmore, Cabinet Member of Environment and Climate Change - Portsmouth City Council

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