Doing your bit in even a very small way, introducing the Solio

Solio is the most powerful and only rechargeable battery system with its own integrated solar-blade technology on the market. Simply charge your Solio in direct sunlight or from your main supply for added battery life!

Combining power with style, and compatible with all 3G and 4G iPod mini models, a full Solio delivers enough charge to extend your play time up to 9 hours, or fully charge your iPod mini with enough power left over to top up your mobile phone!

Whether you are on a deserted island with no power socket, or on the move and can’t charge your iPod, Solio is the perfect solution.

Solio® also charges a wide range of other products such as mobile phones, PDAs, GPS, Gameboy® and other portable electronic devices. (requires additional tips, not included)

Never let your iPod power go down again, Plug into the Sun

Visit Dolphin Music to Buy a Solio for only £49.99

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  1. Pioneer low-carbon communities launched

    Denis Campbell
    Sunday February 4, 2007
    The Observer,,2005649,00.html

    Bristol and the East Midlands will this week be named as the first places where a new network of eco-friendly houses is to be created.
    Ministers are working with English Partnerships, the regeneration agency, to establish dozens of small-scale communities across England made up of only zero-carbon or low-carbon houses, to help reduce the impact of climate change. Initially 1,000 such homes will be built.

    The properties will get their power from renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar panels, photo-voltaics and ground source heat pumps. Energy used to heat and light homes accounts for 27 per cent of the UK’s annual total of 155m tonnes of carbon emissions.

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