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Your school can benefit from free solar through a Power Purchase Agreement, providing both significant long term savings on energy bills and creating a positive impact on the environment.

For more details on education in the public sector, please visit our public sector page.

We have extensive experience in the education sector having worked on various university sites, colleges, academies and schools all over the UK; installs are generally advised out of term to minimise any safety concerns and disruption to the students and staff.

Some educational clients are in a position to self-fund a solar PV system, however, with school budgets typically not supportive of large capital investments, we have two attractive options to help your school enjoy the benefits of energy technology and save money on energy bills.

Free solar for schools

Educational premises are associated with having large buildings, often spread across multiple sites. With ample roof space available, most clients are applicable to take advantage of a free solar PV system through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills and be protected against future energy price rises.

The above link will give you more detail about a PPA but in principle your school can have a solar PV system installed and maintained for free over a typical 20-40 year term. With the feed-in tariff payments for generation going to a nominated 3rd party, your school will in turn purchase any generated electricity from us at an agreed price per unit; much cheaper than your current energy supplier, saving you money on your bills.

Save the environment and achieve the Green Flag award

Although energy bill savings are generally the main motivator for schools to invest in energy technology, it is becoming more desirable for schools to employ a level of sustainability and environmental awareness; energy technology installations such as solar and LED can be a huge contributor to achieving the Green Flag environmental award.

Planting trees for educational purposes

In 2015 and 2016, we designed and launched our own green campaign that also benefits the education sector which we called the Green Mile. The target to fund the plantation of ‘one mile of trees’ in those years was met, and directly influenced by client installs.

Some of these trees were planted in UK woodlands, with the rest being planted in UK schools, giving children the chance to plant the trees and learn as they grow. Click the link above for more details of the campaign.

Case Study #1: Cambridge Regional College

Solar for schools installation by EvoEnergy for Cambridge Regional College, Cambridgeshire

Cambridge Regional College approached EvoEnergy in 2015 to install a 250 kWp solar PV system onto their roofs. The installation covered the majority of the campus across various buildings. Along with 6 other companies, EvoEnergy helped Cambridge Regional College reach their objectives; to reduce their energy bills and receive a good ROI. Visit the Cambridge Regional College page for more information on this solar for schools case study.

Case Study #2: Portland College

Solar for schools installation by EvoEnergy for Portland College, Nottinghamshire

Portland College is a leading education centre for adults with disabilities. EvoEnergy helped the institution reduce its energy bills by 15% and reduce its carbon footprint by installing an 186 kWp rooftop solar array back in 2014. Visit our Portland College case study page for more information.

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