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If you are looking for an EPC partner for your tendering work, we have extensive experience in the public sector to help you implement energy cost saving measures and meet carbon reduction targets through solar PV.

We have worked with local authorities all over the UK to deliver a full consultancy based service for solar PV. The public sector has a vast range of opportunity which gives us a chance to demonstrate our technical knowledge and implement outstanding design and innovation. We are also a great partner to help unlock the opportunities for financing installations through our good relationships with technology financing partners.

Extensive experience for peace of mind

Our achievement and experience in the public sector has built us some great relationships on the back of great work and innovation. We have many case studies to back up our experience in this sector, therefore please contact us if you require a case study of us working on a particular project or institution.

Some projects that can be seen in more detail on our website in the case studies area are highlighted below;

Hagg Farm Outdoor Educational Centre

In 2014, Nottingham City Council’s Hagg Farm was a very unique project with the DNO imposing a grid connection export limit of just 7 kWp, threatening the requirement for a 32 kWp system. Through innovation, which has been commended in the industry, we designed a device that controlled the amount of energy that was exported to the grid at any one time. This therefore allowed the client to go ahead with a 32 kWp system as planned.

Leicester City Social Housing

Over 700 social houses were fitted with an average of a 2.6 kWp system for Leicester City Council in 2012, with a Power Purchase Agreement financing the installations. The scheme was part of a bid to reduce the city’s carbon emissions and reduce the region’s fuel poverty numbers.

University of Nottingham

We installed a 57.8 kWp system on the University of Nottingham’s most attractive halls of residence, Lincoln Hall, designed to retain the buildings original appearance as much as possible. More recently, we installed a 150 kWp system on the roof top of the University’s veterinary school site.

University of Cambridge

The requirement from the University of Cambridge was for a small 4.64 kWp system to offset 10% of the library’s CO2 emissions but through an attractive and innovative solution. Our unique ‘solar tree’ design won us the job with 4 ‘trees’ being installed onsite.

Nottingham Tennis Centre

Having secured a place on the Nottingham City Council framework, we later won a tender for the installation of a 150 kWp solar PV system on the Nottingham tennis centre, fitted on two roof tops. During the height of summer in particular, the system would allow the centre to be self-sufficient for all of its electricity demand.


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