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The increasing cost of electricity year on year puts farms under heavy pressure to maintain profitability. Through an attractive power purchase agreement, we install free solar panels on agricultural land. This deal allows you to half your energy costs today and over the long term.

We’ve installed solar panels on farms all over the country. With our exciting power purchase agreement proposition, we can reduce your electricity bills by around 50%. All this and no investment from our clients is required!

The crisis for energy-intensive farms

If you operate poultry or dairy farms, it’s likely that energy is one of your biggest farm running costs. For farms using specialist equipment to chill/store vegetable and grain produce, you most likely face the same concerns. Energy companies are increasing these costs annually, threatening your farm’s profit margins.

The need for agriculture renewable energy

If you don’t have the available funds to invest in solar PV installation, not to worry! A power purchase agreement (PPA) will allow you to take advantage of a free solar PV system and then purchase back the electricity generated on-site at a pre-agreed rate. This is typically around half of what you pay your current energy supplier.

A PPA is commonly put in place for a 25-30 year period with maintenance of the system also provided at no cost throughout the term.

A free solar PV system will also enhance your green credentials. This gives your farm a better position when supplying to retailers that are campaigning for greener supply chains.

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