Public Sector

University of Nottingham

Lincoln Hall

When the University of Nottingham needed a solar installer to help them achieve their green ambitions, EvoEnergy was the clear choice for the job.

Already familiar with the benefits of solar power after previously having a 70 kWp system installed, the university’s buildings managers wanted to increase the capacity for self generation at their University Park campus by more than 75% with a second rooftop array.

The team from EvoEnergy were asked to project manage the job, devising and fitting a 57.8 kWp install over three roofs on top of Lincoln Hall, one of the university’s large catered halls of residence.

The second phase, made up of more than 200 panels, required a whole new metering system to be installed along with it – one that would also be compatible with the Elcomponent (pulse reading) systems used with the existing array.

It was completed in less than two months by an expert, five-man team of installers and electricians and the panels have since cut the university’s carbon footprint by more than 25 tonnes a year, exceeding expectations.

Lincoln Hall is one of 12 accommodation blocks on campus and is arguably the most attractive. Home to 220 students and built around a grassy quad overlooking acres of parkland, it was designed by the Nottingham architect F. E. Wooley and opened in 1962.

Aesthetic appeal was therefore an important consideration for the installation team, which made sure the PV system was sympathetically designed to retain the building’s original appearance as far as possible.


Quick Stats

  • Location Nottinghamshire
  • System Size 57.82 kWp
  • Panel model Sharp 245W
  • Inverter model Fronius
  • Anuual output 48,569 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 25,693 kg