United Cast Bar

United Cast Bar (UCB) is the world’s premier producer of continuous cast iron bars.  As a large power consumer UCB has partnered with GridBeyond to deliver a control system that enabled them to significantly optimise their manufacturing power consumption.

EvoEnergy were approached by Tesla to install a 500KVA Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at their manufacturing factory in Chesterfield, on behalf of GridESB.

UCB, part of the Proclad Group, is one of the world’s leading and most successful manufacturers of continuously cast iron bar, which is only produced in two of Europe’s most distinguished foundries, and distributed through the UCB distribution network. The development of the unique Unibar products are available in a range of grades to suit the application or customers requirements.

This manufacturing process demands a large amount of power, making UCB eager to save on their peak electricity charges. The battery system has been added to GridBeyonds grid balancing platform providing services to National Grids Dynamic Frequency Response Programme as well as further optimising the sites power consumption through peak priced power avoidance.

The BESS system consist of five modular battery units with a single dedicated bi-directional inverter and control system which provides export limitation and reverse power relay to comply with the grid connection requirements from Western Power Distribution.

EvoEnergy installed a new 11kV radial circuit on the sites existing electrical network, along with new 11kV metering. The battery location was adapted to mitigate some local flood risk and installed within an acoustic fence to account for nearby homes.

The UCB manufacturing facility is a fully functioning steel foundry requiring specific health and safety considerations and careful construction management to ensure manufacturing processes were not disrupted, and everyone stays safe during the project.

Tim Hickman, Technical Manager at EvoEnergy commented:

This project is an excellent example of behind the meter energy storage providing grid services and demand reduction, which is so useful for large power consumers. Technically this job provided a few challenges as the grid connection required export control which can be tricky on existing HV networks. The Tesla system is great product and its modular arrangement provides flexibility that other battery systems cannot offer”

EvoEnergy completed the HV and battery system installation within 3 months with no disruption to UCBs business.

Quick Stats

  • Location Chesterfield
  • Battery Size 500 kW / 850 kWh
  • Equipment Tesla Powerpack
  • Grid Services 15 Year Frequency Response
  • Onsite Benefits Load Shifting / Triad Avoidance