Trent Basin

EvoEnergy were awarded a tender by The University of Nottingham to design and install a 500kW/2100kWh battery at the innovative Trent Basin Project. This is the largest Tesla community battery in Europe and it was the first in the United Kingdom.

Trent Basin is a development of low energy contemporary homes in Nottingham which is a pilot energy scheme to reduce costs and carbon emissions for residents. The battery was integral to the Community Energy System designed by Nottingham University and is being built in five phases by Blueprint, a developer specialising in the construction of sustainable homes.

This battery will revolutionize the local energy system, it can store 2100kWh of energy delivering 500kW of power, which could boil 167 electric kettles simultaneously for more than four hours. In addition to the battery, the development of more than 500 homes on the banks of the River Trent will also benefit from heat stores and ground source heat pump, as well as a urban solar farm, which will generate green electricity that will be stored in the battery and then redistributed to the rest of the community to allow community level energy grid independence without having to rely on bigger producers.

As part of the contract EvoEnergy designed and installed the battery energy storage for the development which has also utilised a number of other green technologies for generation and consumption. EvoEnergy aided the planning application, DNO application as well as the site energy centre construction.

In order to support the 2100kWh Tesla power pack a switch room, foundations and civil works were implemented.  The switch room, consisting of a 1MVA transformer and a bespoke LV switch board, is the ‘energy centre’ for the development, connecting together all of the technologies onsite including the battery, solar farm, community electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and heat pumps, whilst also providing a connection to Western Power. The battery will be optimised by SmartKlub who have a nominated aggregator and monitor the ideal operation of the asset.

Charles Bradshaw-Smith co-CEO SmartKlub, commented:

“What’s different at Trent Basin is that we are innovating new business models and the role of the community in order to maximise the beneficial Impact of the technologies. We aim to create a    repeatable offer that can make sustainable developments mainstream all over the UK.”

Working alongside the ongoing construction of the Trent Basin development, the installation took just over 2 months for all onsite work to be fully complete. An event on Friday 1st June 2018, by the project SCENe partners hosted his Right Honorable Lord Heanley at the Trent Basin to officially turn on the landmark community energy battery.

Since the battery being energised, the operations and maintenance team at EvoEnergy still regularly visit the site on a regular basis carrying out proactive maintenance  to ensure the battery is kept in top-notch condition.



Quick Stats

  • Location Nottingham
  • Battery Size 500 kW / 2100 kWh
  • Equipment Tesla Powerpack
  • Grid Services 15 Year Frequency Response
  • Onsite Benefits Load Shifting / Triad Avoidance