In the autumn of 2018, EvoEnergy completed a 227.88kWp solar PV array on Yorkshire- based food manufacturer, Symington’s.

Historically, Symington’s were one of the first manufacturers to promote the advantages of a healthy diet by producing a range of Egyptian food in the 19th Century. Today, the food manufacturer’s portfolio include house hold brands such as Aunt Bessie’s, Mug Shots and Chicken Tonight.

Distributing all these popular products creates large demand on the grid and a large carbon footprint. To reduce this Syzygy consulting were brought in to advise on carbon reduction and tendered for the installation of solar on Symington’s Thorne Farm warehouse in 2018. EvoEnergy were awarded the contract after a successful bid – a spec to meet the demands of the roof’s structural requirements.

The EvoEnergy team worked over a four week period to install 822 Trina 270Wp panels along the top of the roof. Now complete and commissioned, the system is generating over 181.8 MWh of clean energy every year – equivalent to preventing 119 barrels of oil being consumed annually. Taking radical steps to reducing their carbon emissions to ensure sustainability for the future energy demands.

To minimise disruption to staff onsite, EvoEnergy erected a scaffolding tower at the side of the building to ensure there was no loss of operations from production. The 227.88 kWp system was installed in zones, with skylights and D Marc system used to remove the possibility of any falls occurring – this in turn meant no internal equipment was required.

The system was also designed with SolarEdge technology to maximise the generation. SolarEdge enabled systems operate solar modules to operate individually within a string to stop poorly performing modules reducing output for the whole string, this could come from shading. Not only will this make the system up to 25% more efficient, but the array is also safer and easier to maintain. Symington’s can also check the performance of each inverter and module 24/7 via the free web portal. Being able to quickly identify any issues with the array allows for prompt remedy by EvoEnergy’s operation and maintenance team.

James Fuller, Senior Project Manager at EvoEnergy, said:

“Overall the project went smoothly while there were some challenges in regard to installing in zones around the skylights these were quickly and safely overcome.

One of the most interesting elements of this project was the high level of staff engagement towards the work EvoEnergy were conducting onsite, from the fork lift truck drivers to senior management, demonstrating the level of commitment Symington’s have to making a greener future not only for the company, but which extends to the wider local community”

To allow easy access to both lower and upper roofs, a 2 stage CAT ladder was installed to provide EvoEnergy’s operation and maintenance engineers access to the roof for future inspections to ensure the system meets expected performance levels and gives good returns on their investment.

Installing solar PV on large scale food- manufacturers isn’t anything new to EvoEnergy, having previously installed 205.5kWp solar PV system on Kanes Food in Worcestershire.

Quick Stats

  • Location West Yorkshire
  • System Size 227.88 kWp
  • Panel model Trina 270Wp
  • Inverter model SolarEdge
  • Anuual output 181.8 MWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 51.5 Tonnes