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Stepnell Park

Stepnell Park in Rugby, Warwickshire is a development of new commercial and industrial units. The business park is being developed and built by our parent company Stepnell. The site is near Stepnell’s  existing head office in Rugby, where the family owned firm have been based since 1965, the development will be a great addition to the area and will create up to 100 jobs in the region.

EvoEnergy has an exciting role in this development, providing expertise to deliver solar and installing the HV/LV infrastructure for Stepnell parks innovative smart grid.

This site is being constructed in three phases, phase one will be complete in late 2019 however EvoEnergy have completed our work on site. The site which comprises of the construction of ten new commercial, warehouses or trade counters buildings ranging from approximately 5,000 to 26,000 sq ft in size. EvoEnergy has played a large part in phase one and will also be working with Stepnell for the next two phases. Phase one has seen the construction of ten units, in which unit 3 and 4 has had a total of 220kWp of solar pv installed on the roof space, however this will benefit the entire site through the innovative smart grid.

Smart Grid

At Stepnell Park the innovate smart grid will significantly change the way in which electricity is distributed within the development.  Traditionally, the developer would pay the electricity company a significant sum of money to install the electrical infrastructure, which would then allow the electrical company to operate and to benefit from the charges that it could levy the users within the development.  However at Stepnell park the private wire network sees Stepnell retain this investment and allows them to operate and benefit in a similar manner to the electrical company.

Rather than the energy supplier being the direct supplier of electricity to the unit, Stepnell positions themselves in between. As part of the smart grid, Stepnell own the network from Western Power substation all the way to the mains incomer of each unit. Stepnell are then responsible for the delivery of electricity from this substation to the end user which in this case is the individual units on this site.

The Installation

At Stepnell Park, EvoEnergy worked alongside Stepnell during the construction of phase 1 to install the electrical infrastructure to supply electricity for the entire development. This installation consists of a 11 kV transformer close coupled with an LV switch board. The transformer is fed from the HV substation which will eventually form a ring to supply phase 2 and 3 and provide redundancy to the site in the event of any faults. The HV substation is fed from the DNO substation, where Stepnell’s responsibilities for the infrastructure ends.

Electricity is supplied to each units landlord distribution board from the close coupled distribution board. The landlord’s distribution board then feeds the tenants distribution board and ultimately this is where the tenant gets billed. The landlords distribution board has capacity for the installation of Solar PV, Electrical Vehicle charging points and Battery Energy Storage.

Although Solar PV is currently only installed units 3 & 4, due to the smart grid, all units benefit from the electricity generated and therefore the carbon savings. The 220 kWp rooftop solar array consisted of 816 Trina 270W Polycrystalline panels complimented by Fronius inverters.

Phase 1 is  due for completion in September, once commissioned and energized, EvoEnergy have developed a monitoring platform for Stepnell, tenants and visitors at the units to see where their energy is coming from. Whether this be from the Grid, Solar PV or Battery Energy Storage.

For example, this monitoring platform allows people to see how much electricity is being used by each unit in total, with a spilt of what is coming from the Solar PV or the Grid. This will also show when the site is exporting back to the Grid. In the future the installation of more EV chargers and Battery Storage will see less energy being transported back into the grid and the site being more self-sufficient.

Keep an eye out for more information on the beginning  of Stepnell Park phases 2 & 3 on EvoEnergy’s Linkedin page.


Quick Stats

  • Location Warwickshire
  • System Size 220 kWp
  • Panel model Trina 270W Polycrystalline
  • Inverter model Fronius
  • Anuual output 178.4 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 70.3kg