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In the Autumn of 2015, Wakefield-based computer manufacturer – PC Specialist – made contact with EvoEnergy to help them take a big step towards their target of becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2020. Following a site survey and a period of consultation, the company went ahead to install a 235.5 kWp system over two buildings, consisting of 950 x 250w Risen solar panels that would cover a total area of 9,500 square metres.

PC Specialist manufacture bespoke computers which are ‘made to order’, commonly for hi-spec gaming. With the company testing up to 500 PC’s at any given time, their electricity demand is typically around 285,000 kWh per year. Solar power will now supply nearly two-thirds of their demand with an estimated 194,920 kWh expected to be produced by the array. In addition to saving over £20,000 per year on energy bills, the company can boast that over 89 tonnes of carbon emissions will also be offset annually.

PC Specialist Director, Danny Williams, commented:

“Though restrictions meant that we couldn’t have a system as big as we wanted, we’re keen to look into this in the future. With the saving from our bills, the feed-in tariff and the exported energy, we’re looking at a good saving on our costs. We’re pleased to be doing our bit for the environment too. It’s something we pride ourselves on, and everything we use is either recycled or reused as much as possible.”

The PV system was installed by a team of six and took just two weeks to complete without disruption to the company’s busy operations.

The system was also designed with SolarEdge technology to maximise the generation. Solar Edge enabled systems separate all modules within the string to stop poorly performing modules, generally through shading at different times of the day, from affecting the efficiency of the whole array. Not only will this make the system up to 25% more efficient, but the array is also safer and easier to repair should anything go wrong. PC Specialist can also check the performance of each inverter and module 24/7 via the free web portal. Being able to quickly identify any issues with the array allows for prompt remedy by EvoEnergy’s operation and maintenance team.

James Clifford, National Account Manager at EvoEnergy said:

“It’s refreshing to see a company exploring new ways to be green. The array is one of a number of EvoEnergy installations to use a combination of Solar Edge optimisers and inverters, meaning that modules are linked together in pairs rather than in groups of modules in strings.

“This makes it more efficient in the long term since shaded or soiled modules don’t impact on the performance of the other modules in the string. Monitoring at individual panel level also makes it easier to pinpoint any problems, so the system is easier to repair should anything go wrong.”


Quick Stats

  • Location West Yorkshire
  • System Size 235.5 kWp
  • Panel model Risen 250W
  • Inverter model SolarEdge
  • Anuual output 194,920 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 89,370 kg