National Space Centre

In February 2019, EvoEnergy’s expertise was called upon to install a 200 kWp solar PV array on the roof of the landmark National Space Centre in Leicester. The PV system was installed on the 20th anniversary of the National Space Centre, bringing a new source of power to the site.

The solar PV array consists of 742 Trina 275Wp Polycrystalline panels and is set to generate over 173 MWh every year, saving 66,850 kilograms of carbon per year.  The system was installed by a five man team in two weeks, working to ensure that, whilst the installation was taking place, there was no disruption to visitors and staff at the attraction.

The National Space Centre is one of Leicestershire’s most visited attractions and as well as being a museum, it is also an educational resource covering the fields of space science and astronomy. The Space Centre is providing visitors with valuable education on renewable energy as solar panels are not only on the roof of the Space Centre but they are also deployed in space. In fact space exploration has precipitated solar photovoltaic research and development so solar now can be used effectively as an efficient, sustainable, affordable energy source on earth.

The Space Centre’s largest energy usage is currently air conditioning, not only will the solar panels offset all of their energy usage but due to the panels providing shade to the roof of the building, they will help to cool the building down therefore the solar panels have also reduced the amount of air conditioning required.

Since the National Space Centre array has been completed and energised, EvoEnergy continue to monitor the system and have an O&M contract with the Space Centre to sure the system is generating to it’s optimum and bringing their required returns.


Quick Stats

  • Location Leicestershire
  • System Size 200.34 kWp
  • Panel model Trina 275W Polycrystalline
  • Inverter model Fronius
  • Anuual output 173,895 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 66,850 kg