Public Sector

Leicester City Council

Social Housing

Leicester City Council entered into a partnership with EvoEnergy to help meet their carbon footprint reduction targets for social housing and allow their tenants to benefit from lower energy bills.

Through the scheme, more than 700 homes were given free rooftop solar panels, all fitted by EvoEnergy’s expert team of installers and technicians.

With an average system size of 2.6kWh installed at each property and more than 7,000 panels installed overall, the council’s finished panels combined make equate to a huge 1.8 MW of clean energy generation capability.

Generating more than 1.4 million units of electricity annually, it is one of the largest public sector projects of its kind in the UK.

The work completed by EvoEnergy is now directly benefiting some of Leicester’s least affluent communities, saving each household an average of £160 on their energy bills.

Thanks to the scheme’s success, Leicester City Council now intends to roll out panels to hundreds more homes, further reduce the region’s fuel poverty levels.


Quick Stats

  • Location Leicestershire
  • System Size 2.6 kWp per Property
  • Panel model ZN Shine 255W
  • Inverter model
  • Anuual output 1,400,000 kWh (Combined)
  • Annual CO2 savings 946,800 kg