Games Workshop

In 2017, Games Workshop approached EvoEnergy to help them generate their own green energy onsite to part-power the busy manufacturing facility in Nottingham where over 30 million miniature war game figures are produced and distributed every year. In addition to making significant savings on their energy bills, the PV array would also help them ‘go green’ by reducing their carbon emissions.

After surveying the site and with the client’s requirements in mind, EvoEnergy designed and proposed a 404.57 kWp solar PV system that would mostly take advantage of three, south facing, trapezoidal roofs on the site.

For EvoEnergy, the pleasure of winning the PV project from a leading brand was enhanced by the locality of the client (just 5 miles from EvoEnergys office), who were looking at making an investment in solar energy for the first time.

Working over a 6-week period, the 1,493-panel array was installed in October & November with the installation team working hard to install the 270-watt panels on a roof pitch of 30 degrees; much steeper than a standard factory roof. Covering a total of 2,443 square metres on the roof, the PV system was also installed using 13 ABB inverters.

A 14-panel solar façade, totalling 3.78 kWp, was also fitted to the front of the building to create a showcase that commemorates Games Workshop’s investment in green technology to its staff and visitors. The working south-facing façade will generate green electricity for the site alongside the main array.

Now complete and commissioned, the system is generating over 344 MWh of clean energy every year; equivalent to around 8% of the client’s annual consumption. Over 120 tonnes of carbon emissions will also be offset each year (vs 2017 grid intensity).

Mike Salisbury, Head of Engineering, EvoEnergy comments:

“This is another fine example of an industry leader investing in green-tech solutions for the benefit of reducing their carbon footprint and reliance on grid energy. It’s great to be partnering with a prestige client that resides in the same City and we’ll look forward to further supporting their green and energy ambitions in the future”.

To ensure the solar continues to generate as expected, EvoEnergy will be providing an ongoing operation and maintenance service utilising data collected from a bespoke weather stations installed adjacent to the array. Matching this weather data with the generation data recorded from the PV will allow EvoEnergy to deliver on their unique performance guarantee.

View a short aerial video of the Games Workshop array below;


Quick Stats

  • Location Nottinghamshire
  • System Size 404 kWp
  • Panel model 270W
  • Inverter model ABB
  • Anuual output 344,498 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 121,112 kg