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Mr & Mrs Kidger | Nottingham | Nottinghamshire

Due to the rising cost of energy prices, Mr & Mrs Kidger were looking for a way to reduce their energy bills. In addition, they were also keen to investigate ways they could maximise their returns on a sum of cash, therefore solar PV immediately came to mind.

After receiving quotes from various solar installers, they chose EvoEnergy due to our reputation in the marketplace and no-pressure sales approach, even though we weren’t the cheapest.

With Mr & Mrs Kidger owning a detached property, they had a large unshaded roof, perfect for solar. Having an orientation of south-south east, they were also well positioned to maximise their potential benefits from solar energy.

Due to the type of property and the fact the house was clearly visible to many of their surrounding neighbours, Mr & Mrs Kidger asked for a system that blended in well with the property and minimised the visual impact for their neighbours. EvoEnergy therefore recommended a 4kWp system, compromising of 16 SolarWorld 250Wp panels that have black cells with a black frame.

Since the install, the system has been performing above predictions and has helped Mr & Mrs Kidger not only reduce their electricity bills, but also given them a great return on their investment which is supported by the feed-in tariff for 20 years.


Quick Stats

  • Location Nottinghamshire
  • System Size 4 kWp
  • Panel model SolarWorld 250Wp
  • Inverter model Samil SolarRiver 3680 TL
  • Anuual output 3,528 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 1,866 kg