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Mr & Mrs Greshon | Cheadle | Staffordshire

In 2014, Mr & Mrs Greshon were considering their options for reducing their energy bills and protecting themselves against future price rises over the long term, especially as they used large amounts of electricity. They also wanted to become a greener family, which they had already taken a step towards by purchasing an electric vehicle (shown on the right of their driveway).

Mr & Mrs Greshon also had the clever idea that they would like to use some of the free, green electricity generated by a solar PV system to charge their electric vehicle during the day; a perfect partnership.

On approaching their home for the first time, the vast amount of roof space on their detached house looked like fitting a 4 kWp system would be no problem at all. However, after EvoEnergy did a full survey of the property, the large apex on the front of the house created areas of shading on the main roof, therefore not all of the space was suitable for installing solar panels. Similarly, the roof space over the first floor was also subject to shading during a huge part of the afternoon.

Unfortunately for the Greshon family, this meant that they wouldn’t be able to fit 16 panels (typically 250W each) on the roof space that wasn’t subject to shading. However, EvoEnergy are an exclusive installer of the Sunpower module; a 327W panel, manufactured in Germany, which is also the most efficient panel on the market, albeit at a more premium price. This also meant that only 12 panels were needed to create a 4 kWp system (3.92 kWp in this case) and maximise the available roof space.

During the initial conversations with the customer, they were keen to also point out that they wanted a panel that had a long warranty and one that also blended in with the aesthetics of their roof. With the Sunpower panels each coming with a 25 year warranty (vs the usual 10 years) and being a black panel with a black frame, these solar panels were a perfect marriage for Mr & Mrs Greshon and they had no hesitation to go ahead with our recommendation.

Mr Greshon, property owner, commented;

“From initial contact through the internet up to the final installation and commissioning, EvoEnergy and their staff all acted with a very high degree of professionalism. There’s was the highest quote I received but due to them using all top quality equipment and high guarantee terms and also a no pressure sales consultant, I decided to use EvoEnergy. I can safely say I am a 100% satisfied customer and would highly recommend EvoEnergy for anyone contemplating a solar PV array.”

Due to the high efficiency of the Sunpower panels, Mr & Mrs Greshon will also see a bigger return on investment compared to using a standard 250W panel.


Quick Stats

  • Location Staffordshire
  • System Size 3.92 kWp
  • Panel model Sunpower 327Wp
  • Inverter model Samil SolarRiver 3680 TL
  • Anuual output 3,267 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 1,728 kg