Transport & Logistics

Central Supplies

Central Supplies have built their business around supplying the catering industry with the finest fresh chilled produce from their 30,000 sq ft warehouse in the West Midlands.

After a number of large recent investments in their on-site refrigeration and distribution capabilities, including a state-of-the art, £200,000 cheese packing facility, the company’s energy bills had risen significantly.

Wanting to explore clean energy alternatives to offset these costs, the firm asked EvoEnergy to handle the installation of a new rooftop solar array.

A 250 kWp rail-less system was delivered, made up of 1,000 Renesola 250W panels and 10 inverters, all of which took five weeks to complete.

Panels were fitted on to a steel trapezoidal roof at an angle of 10 degrees, 12 meters above the ground. The six-strong team used scaffolding on the steel portal framed building safely and considerately, working around the site’s day-to-day operations at all times.

The array’s 10 Aurora 27.6 inverters were all fitted above floor level, avoiding any disruption to the forklifts operating in the warehouses. While all electrical work was finished to the most exacting industry standards.

Now complete, it is generating more than 190,000 kWh of clean energy per year, cutting the company’s carbon footprint by more than 100 tonnes and giving the client significant savings on their energy bills.

EvoEnergy provided total support for the customer throughout, drawing on the technical expertise of its project management team to devise the most appropriate solution, delivered efficiently and to the highest quality.


Quick Stats

  • Location West Midlands
  • System Size 250 kWp
  • Panel model Phono Solar 250W
  • Inverter model Kaco
  • Anuual output 197,559 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 104,508 kg