Bilborough College

Bilborough sixth form college in Nottinghamshire commissioned EvoEnergy to install 416 solar panels on the roof of their sports hall. The 100kWp system not only looks incredible, it will inspire future generations to support renewable energy.

Nottingham’s Bilborough College has always been proud of its forward-thinking approach and up-to-the-minute technology and facilities. Microgeneration was a perfect fit, and had the added bonus of providing a valuable learning tool for students studying environmental topics.

Chris Bradford, principal at Bilborough, says the project was a statement that the college wanted to play its part in cutting carbon emissions. ‘We deal in young people’s futures so the environmental concerns were one of the things that drove us,’ he says. “But it also makes a lot of sense financially and we wanted to take advantage of that and plan for the future.”

Gary Sucharewycz, Commercial Manager at EvoEnergy, says:

“Colleges are ideal places for solar power – they usually have the roof space for a large-scale installation and the panels are producing electricity during the day when the college has its highest demand.”

The 100 kWp system will provide around 8% of the college’s annual electricity and will be worth at least £18,000 a year to the college in income and savings on energy bills. We fitted the panels in less than a week, despite high winds and the fact that the installation team agreed to stop work to allow exams to go ahead in the sports hall.

James Sutton, Project Manager at EvoEnergy, explains:

“It’s a large steel roof, but it didn’t pose any real technical difficulties. We could get good access to the building and even though we had to break off for exams below us, it all went smoothly. I think the finished job looks fantastic, it’s a curved roof so the panels are really spectacular.”


Quick Stats

  • Location Nottinghamshire
  • System Size 99.84 kWp
  • Panel model SunTech 240W
  • Inverter model
  • Anuual output 79,127 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 41,858 kg