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Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire detection solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Based in Portsmouth, on the south coast of the UK since 1980, Apollo has built a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. Apollo devices can be found in places such as The Statue of Liberty, New York, The Royal Albert Hall, London and The Kremlin, Moscow to name a few.

Towards the end of 2013, Apollo contacted EvoEnergy to design and install a solar PV system that covered their huge premises spanning both their office site and manufacturing plant on a trapezoidal roof structure. Apollo were interested in a system size that was sufficient to generate a substantial amount of their electricity demand onsite, helping them save money on energy bills and also enjoy the financial benefits of the Government’s feed-in tariff.

With the above in mind, EvoEnergy designed a 249.6 kWp solar PV system, consisting of 1040 Trina 240Wp panels with the intention to maximise the return of investment for the size of the roof space available and taking into consideration the existing energy consumption levels onsite.

The installation was made slightly more complex than usual due to the client requesting additional safe isolation of the DC strings at roof level (whereas standard installations usually isolate internally). Nevertheless, EvoEnergy were able to accommodate this request without issues and the additional isolation was carried out by our own team to our very high standards. Despite the high winds and bad weather, the installation went smoothly and was completed within the estimated time scales. The system commissioned on 4 February 2014.

LED lighting upgrade saves Apollo an additional £50,000 every year

In 2015, almost a year later after commissioning the solar PV system, the financial benefits (through bill savings and feed-in tariff payments) had given Apollo renewed motivation to investigate where further energy efficiencies could be made through additional investment in energy technology.

Whilst the solar PV system generated electricity to be used on-site, Apollo analysed their operations to see what was consuming the most power. Just like most businesses, they concluded that lighting was their biggest electricity cost.

Consequently, being very satisfied with EvoEnergy’s installation of the solar PV system, they turned to us once again to design and install an LED lighting system where the technology would rely on significantly less power and at the same time, provide better performance than the current fittings.

We therefore designed a bespoke LED lighting system that would replace the existing fittings all over the manufacturing facility including their office, warehouse, production facility, car park and connecting streets. In total, this was 1,460 fittings with the energy saving per year calculated to be 462,690 kWh every year, reducing Apollo’s annual carbon footprint by a further 87 tonnes. In financial terms, this LED lighting system will save the client almost £50,000 every year in electricity costs with the initial investment being covered in less than 2.5 years.

We were very sensitive to the client’s requirement to minimise business disruption, therefore our team completed the installation over 6 weeks working night shifts and weekends. Christine Murray, Business Intelligence Administrator at Apollo Fire Detectors, commented;

“I have been really impressed with how EvoEnergy have dealt with the whole installation of our LED lighting system – from the initial planning and quotation stages, right through to the completion of the project. The entire process has been extremely seamless from our perspective and our contacts at Evo have assisted and helped with everything that they can. They have really listened to everything that we wanted to achieve from this project; we’re looking forward to noticing the savings that will be made from this installation and to working again with Evo in the future.”

Simon Astle, Site Facilities Manager at Apollo, commented further;

“We have used EvoEnergy now for both our solar PV and led lighting conversion projects. The experience of working with this company has been very positive and professional. They have gone out of their way to adhere to our site regulations as well as excellent health and safety working practices and always happy to please us the customer.

“I was expecting a lot of resistance within the company to the lighting changeover as lighting is one of the usual causes of complaint. This has been very positively received  with production getting a better working light for intricate work and the offices having a better light for DSE with no glare. For us it is a win/win and looking forward to seeing the reduction in running costs for the business and a continued close working relationship with Evo.”

Quick Stats

  • Location Hampshire
  • System Size 250 kWp
  • Panel model Trina 240Wp
  • Inverter model Kaco
  • Anuual output 253,898 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings 134,312 kg