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The Reds go green at Liverpool Football Club

September 13, 2013, Leave your thoughts

If sitting at the top of the Premier League going into this weekend's games wasn't enough for Liverpool Football Club, they have also gone and cut the costs of their gas and electricity bills.  The club has undertaken a new […]

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Solar thermal costs to be reduced by RHI

September 12, 2013, Leave your thoughts

Solar thermal systems could see a noticeable fall in costs of up to 30 per cent if it reaches the same market presence as solar photovoltaics (PV), new research suggests.  According to the Solar Trade Association (STA), if the market […]

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Solar panels suitability checker released

September 11, 2013, Leave your thoughts

New tools have been launched for consumers to find out whether or not they can install solar panels on their property and how much money the technology could save a household in its lifetime. The useful programmes have been launched […]

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Telford in the running for new solar farm

September 10, 2013, Leave your thoughts

Plans for a new council-run solar farm have been proposed for Hadley in Shrewsbury. The scheme would help to provide local residents with renewable power over the long-term.  In addition to helping the area to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, […]

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Campaign group urges further green investment

September 9, 2013, Leave your thoughts

In an effort to further promote the possibilities of sustainable energy and growth in the UK, the Green New Deal campaign group has called on the government to provide £50 billion for new technology, cheap housing and home insulation.  The […]

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Gerard Hall expects solar installation

September 6, 2013, Leave your thoughts

Residents in Aughton, Lancashire, have now seen plans for a large-scale solar energy project which could soon take place in the local area.  Up to 110 acres could receive solar panels, with the farmland at Gerard Hall set to host the […]

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BBC survey suggests further support for UK solar

September 5, 2013, Leave your thoughts

Following on from positive figures concerning UK support for renewable technology from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), a BBC survey has echoed these sentiments.  According to the ComRes study, conducted on behalf of the BBC, 84 per […]

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Public still supports solar energy

September 4, 2013, Leave your thoughts

A new survey from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has revealed that UK residents are still supportive over plans for renewable energy.  Despite a number of negative media reports concerning renewable energy policies and developments, support for […]

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Yorkshire Water seeks solar support

September 3, 2013, Leave your thoughts

The head office of Yorkshire Water in Bradford could soon see the installation of solar panels, a local new provider has revealed.  Bradford Telegraph and Argus has reported that the utility company is looking to make its office more energy-efficient […]

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