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UK PV on the brink of 2GW says Greg Barker

February 12, 2013, Leave your thoughts

In the first of a six series Solar Roadshow, climate change minister Greg Barker said that the UK was approaching the threshold of 2GW for nationwide solar energy generation. Mr Barker acknowledged that in recent times, the UK solar industry […]

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Solar standard for Pinchbeck houses

February 11, 2013, Leave your thoughts

For a number of new homes in Lincolnshire, solar panels will be fitted as standard as part of the building work, meaning new homeowners can instantly benefit from cost and carbon reducing technology. The project is beginning in the Pinchbeck […]

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Solar power standards launched

February 8, 2013, Leave your thoughts

A new guide has been released by climate change minister Greg Barker, which is hoped to increase standards in the installation of solar photovoltaics. Under the guide, installers will be required to adhere to a number of stringent stipulations in […]

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South Wales solar share generating interest

February 6, 2013, Leave your thoughts

A community-owned renewable energy scheme in South Wales is gathering interest, as it aims to address the issue of fuel poverty throughout the area. With support from the Co-operative Enterprise Hub, the community share project is raising money to install […]

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Solar park surpasses year one expectations

February 5, 2013, Leave your thoughts

Despite suffering through some of the wettest weather the country has seen, electricity generation at the Fen Farm solar park has far exceeded original expectations. The 5,157 solar modules at the Lincolnshire site, called Ecotricity, have generated over one MW […]

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Plymouth to install solar panels citywide

February 4, 2013, Leave your thoughts

As part of a £13 million citywide project, 19 city-owned buildings in the city of Plymouth are set for a number of solar panel installations. The wider energy saving project will also see all of the south west city’s 28,000 […]

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