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Nottingham leisure centre install solar panels

November 29, 2012, Leave your thoughts

As the cost of fuel continues to rise, more and more individuals, businesses and community groups are looking towards renewable energies to reduce both running costs and carbon output. Recent hikes in fuel costs have pushed more people into looking […]

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Birmingham: One of the UK's greenest cities

November 28, 2012, Leave your thoughts

'Green' may not be one of the first things you think of when considering Birmingham. The UK's second largest city, home to Cadbury's and the Bullring, the city is a sprawling urban metropolis. However, the residents of Birmingham have been […]

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Solar for North Somerset

November 27, 2012, Leave your thoughts

Since the launch of the Feed in Tariff in 2010, the number of solar panels on the roofs of houses has risen dramatically. Large-scale solar farms have also become more popular as the multiple benefits of solar become more widely […]

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Community solar project wins award

November 27, 2012, Leave your thoughts

Community funded solar projects have really taken off in recent years. The benefits are plentiful – from reducing residents' electricity bills to evoking a true sense of community to minimising carbon output. From small-scale installations in Brixton to acquiring the […]

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Solar panel savings, despite FiT cuts

November 26, 2012, Leave your thoughts

Installing solar panels has multiple benefits, for example the amount of money that can be saved over the course of a year. The overall cost of solar panels is falling due to the prices of both components and manufacturing process […]

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Solar panels to keep getting cheaper

November 23, 2012, Leave your thoughts

There is good news for homeowners considering installing solar panels – the size of the systems is getting larger and cost is getting smaller. People are getting more solar for their money and this is a trend that is likely […]

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STA calls for solar strategy

November 22, 2012, Leave your thoughts

There are multiple advantages to solar power on both a small and large scale. From smaller domestic installations to enormous solar farms, the benefits of solar are becoming more widely known. According to a recent survey undertaken by the Department […]

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Solar to tackle fuel poverty

November 20, 2012, Leave your thoughts

There are several benefits to installing solar panels, including reducing carbon output. However, the main reason people tend to have a photovoltaic (PV) system installed is due the amount of money that can be saved on electricity bills. The average […]

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Green energy to power blue lights

November 19, 2012, Leave your thoughts

Reducing the cost of household bills is one of the primary reasons for installing solar panels. The average household saves £635 per annum on their energy bills by installing their own photovoltaic system. Not only can homes and businesses save […]

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